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Learning to Freestyle Rap  by Frasier Brenton

Over the years, freestyle battle rapping has exploded in popularity, resulting in many people wishing they had the skills to freestyle rap. Unfortunately it is an incredibly hard thing to do and only the people with the clearest minds and best to running skill are able to pull off this impressive feat. Fortunately for those untrained people, there are series of exercises which can sharpen your mind and fine tune it for freestyle running.

One of the most important exercises to get your mind into a freestyle mode is to repeatedly listen to other rappers freestyle for countless hours on end. If you don't have any friends or colleagues to freestyle with and practice with, you can search online for freestyle videos and observe other people doing it. This is one of the most helpful exercises you can do as it demonstrates clearly and concisely how free styling is performed.

Another important thing to do to in order to make yourself the best freestyler possible, other than practicing as much as you can, is to read. A great freestyle rappers most dangerous weapon is a large and rather deep vocabulary. This gives him the freedom to bounce from word to word while still making sense. If you have an incredibly large vocabulary, this gives you many more different words to rhyme and gives your rhymes more meaning as well as more depth. Nobody wants to listen to somebody repeating themselves and saying the same words over and over. People love variation when they listen to somebody rapping and if you can control this part of your freestyling then you will be a fan favorite before you know it.

In addition to practicing with your friends and expanding your vocabulary, another excellent thing to do is to think of many words in your head during the times when you are to rapping. What this does is combined the first two training methods into one, but it allows you a lot more time to think, resulting in a much better final product. Think of it as a way of fine tuning your freestyling without bothering people who don't want to listen to you practicing.

You can learn more ticks on how to freestyle battle by reading the rest of my articles, as well as checking out freestyle battle forums online. Just remember: practice makes perfect!

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