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Can Teenagers and Parents Listen to the Same Music?  by Ed Reams

This is a difficult question to answer. I know I definitely like different music then my teenage kids do. I grew up in the disco age of the 70s with leisure suits and stacked shoes. My son loves hard rock music with deep heavy base. But we both like the music of Kelly Clarkson. But that is the only thing and my daughter like completely different music.

The music my daughter is listens to always depends on her mood. Some parents just hate to listen to anything that their kids like. The only that my daughter and I can agree upon is Broadway Music like "Mama Mia." The great thing about the music is that it is form the 70s which I like the most. But other then that she will listen to whatever is hot at the time which does not include jazz, the blues, or way out country.

Being able to put up with my kids style of music can be very challenging at time, especially when they want to have the sound blasting loudly from their rooms. My son will always have the base very heavy and sometimes shakes the house or car and we must tell him to turn down the volume and base. If you have heard heavy base music from other vehicles at a stop light then you know what I mean. I think all parents hope that their kids will grow out of it at some point in their life.

There will always be one or two songs that parents and kids will like together. But most of the time they will be at two different ends of the style spectrum. I have seen that over the years with my parents who grew up in the 50s and with a grandmother who loved Lawrence Welk.

I believe each generation will have their own style of music they like. As time moves on more creative musicians and lyricist will write songs that we have never heard before. Even when the musician write a new piece, his or her parents most likely will not like the style of the music because it will be very different then what they are used to listening especially if the piece is loud.

Maybe the only style of music parents and kids may like together is gospel. Most kids and parent I know can agree of this type of music when it is uplifting and spiritual. This type of music can bring the family closer together. Parents and kids can like that same music but on a very limited basis.

Ed Reams is happily married for many years and relaxes music. Come visit his website at which assists people in finding Easy Piano Music.

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