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Why You Should Have a Vocal Coach 
by Matt E MacLeod

Considering a career in vocal performance? Then you need a coach that is just a fact. Don't put of this decision till later. It is something that you need to do today.

While there may be a few musicians, singers, performers that are self taught. This rarely happens. In the ultra competitive field, not to mention highly lucrative field such as music, don't fool yourself. If you Google the top performs, or even watch any awards presentations such as the Grammys or BET Awards, all of them give credit to their instructors.

Now some people will say they don't need a coach because they are already performing. They might say that a coach is for someone who is just getting started. That is only part of the story. If you ever watch American Idol, some of the episodes show them working with the big time vocal coaches. You need an edge to stay ahead of your competition.

Besides do you know for a fact that you are not doing anything that is damaging your throat? If you can't say that for a fact, consider what might happen if you permanently damage you vocal cords. Career then goes bye-bye.

Locating a good coach is a different story. Many "singing instructors" aren't good. They claim they can make you a start. While a few can, those that promise the world are selling you a dream, not giving you reality. Ask for students they have trained. Ask those students how the experience was.

Also you should find singers or vocalists in your area that you admire. Ask if they know anyone that they recommend.

One thing to note, when finding a good vocal coach or singing instructor is looking for some one you relate well with. It is a student and teacher relationship. Because you will be working with them on a regular basis, it is important to feel that you can relate well with them.

In the beginning, don't be surprised if you spend more time working on breathing and speaking. Learning how to control your voice and how to use it well are part of the course.

So, if you want to make a great career as a singer, spend some time, look around and find a great singing coach.

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