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Digital Distribution of Your Band's Tunes
by Brad Barnett

With digital distribution it is indeed possible for you to get a fair share of the market by getting people interested in your music. It's not very far away in history that one had to go to great lengths to reach the often uninterested masses. Most musicians, however ambitious or hardworking, were often found to waste their lot of time just to get little CD sales. Digital distribution has made it extremely easy for a gifted and potential singer or musician to impress listeners with his/her tunes. The market covered is often very large and diverse and the overheads are really low. At less than $1 for a song or a tune, you can distribute your music easily to the mass.

Complement your digital distribution with sales of CDs. There is still a huge market for CDs which you ought to keep in mind. You will come across music lovers who still like to listen to the good old CD player. Consider the budget and go for both if finance permits. Of course digital distribution is a cheaper and easier alternative. Some steps involved in this are-

Get your work mastered first

Since you are a new artist you need to know how to present your work in a commercial manner. If you are an independent artist who requires commercial representation of his/her music, you need to first master your work digitally. This means that you need to even out the dynamics and maximize the recording volume. You could take professional help as this step is crucial to your work. You also need to remember that there are others out there who have done wonderful mastering and they are the competitors, whom you need to stand up to.

Artwork should be catchy

Your tracks will not be accepted for digital distribution without the artworks. So get something really eye-catching done for your tracks. It not mandatory that it has to be a great artwork but something interesting will do.

UPC Code is Compulsory

To sell your music online you need UPC Code to legalize it. Your release should have a UPC Code assigned to it right before digital distribution. Look up the internet for the options available. Unless you are registering a UPC as your own company, you don't need to pay a hefty sum. You could approach your CD duplication people. They will assign a unique UPC code for your product and charge you around $20 to $50. This UPC Code can be used both for the regular CD version as well as the one being given for digital distribution.

Look for a Distributor

If you are an independent major player maybe you could do without a distributor. But this is a rare chance and you will have to look for a distributor for your digital distribution. This will cost you a percentage of your sales revenue but is unavoidable as your distributor is an indispensable part of your online music store. Make a non-exclusive agreement and ensure to own all rights to your music.

Find the best people to tie up with for your digital distribution. Be clear about the formalities and legalities.

Check out my website if you would like more information on digital distribution at

Brad Barnett knows what you need to do to successfully promote your band and music on and offline. He has been a part of the music scene for 10+ years playing, recording, and distributing his music. He offers you free tips and resources to promote your band

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