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3 Simple Yet Powerful Ways to Boost Your Music Career by Tom Siegel

I have watched musicians make the same mistakes in their music career over and over. Many times the task of getting your music career off the ground is overwhelming. Here are 3 easy ways to break down that task into bite sized pieces.

1. Make goals and write them down. There is a certain kind of clarity gained when you write your goals down. It enables you to more effectively apply all of your actions to your goals. When you are making goals for your music career you will likely end up with a to-do list a mile long. This is normal. I suggest that you additionally consider what you are doing in your life that is not moving you toward your goals. Then make another list of things that you should stop doing. This is ultimately going to be more important than the to-do list. It is very likely that you are doing something (or a lot of things) within your musical career that amounts to nothing more than spinning your wheels. The idea here is to, at a minimum, become aware of the things that you are doing that are not helping you and ideally, stop doing them. This will naturally create space for the to do list.

2. Develop an email list and use it. You need to develop a contact list of fans that opt-in to receive emails from you. These people want to hear from you they must or they wouldn't have filled in their name and email address in order to receive emails from you. How do you get these names and email addresses? At a minimum you need to put an opt-in form on every single page of your website. This is a simple thing to do. Then you need to drive traffic to your site. If the people who opt-in to receive emails from you don't buy something from you right away or ever, it is better than them having visited your page and left without buying anything. It won't take them long to forget all about you and your music that they found about who-knows-where. When someone gives you their email address they are giving you the opportunity to remind them about you later and inform them about where you are playing next, your upcoming or recently released album or whatever is going on for you or your band. This also gives that person multiple opportunities to tell a friend about you who might actually make a purchase. When you are developing an email list you are securing future opportunities. So take a couple of easy steps to set this up and make good use of it.

3. Run your music career like a business. Make a business plan. Have you thought about who your audience is? How big of an audience does your genre have? What portion of this audience are you going to appeal to? How do you plan on effectively reaching these fans? These are questions that you have to consider. A business plan will force you to examine these issues and many more in detail. The benefits of this exercise are impossible to measure. A business plan will give your music career a sense of direction. You may find out that something that you are putting a lot of effort into is not moving you in the direction that you need or want to be headed. You can find generic business plan templates all over the internet. There are some templates available specifically for a music business plan as well.

To access a music business plan template and for information about how to specifically implement these concepts and more, visit where you can access in-depth reviews of music industry resources and get advice from industry professionals. Click Here for a ton of free information. - Tom Siegel

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