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Be a DJ - How to Create a Hip Hop Beat on Your Sampler by Mark Spacey

Creating Hip Hop Beats on your sampler is one of the best ways to make music quickly. Your music will move people, and sound like the type of professional music that you hear on the radio - handmade by you, in your own home studio! Making your own beats doesn't have to be a hard process. In fact, once you've learned a few basics, you will find that you will get good pretty quickly.

First you want to understand what a "beat," is. Though you might think this is an easy or obvious thing, but in this article, it's important to look at the whole process from start to finish, so that you don't get confused.

The "beat," consists of the song without the vocals, or other instrumentals laid over it. The "beat," can be a song itself without vocals or music, or you can add vocals and/or music, to suit your tastes.

The basis of any Hip Hop song is the drum beat or sequence. You can use different things to create these beats. You can use MIDI drum beats that are pre-recorded or pre-made loop samples. When you buy your own sequencer, it will usually have some built in beats, and loops, for you to play around with. You might be able to order some additional samples from the manufacturer, and sometimes artists will create beats, and sell them to other artists for use with sequencers. These compilations are called royalty-free music/loop samplers. They come in CD form, or internet file sharing forms like MP3, Wav, and more.

Working with MIDI samples is going to be much harder than working with standard samples. But MIDI allows you a bit more creative freedom. You can record your own hand clapping sounds, or shouts, and incorporate them into your beats. With MIDI, you can combine the MIDI sounds with the pre-made beats that you buy as well.

No matter what materials you incorporate, creating a beat will consist of a few basic steps. The first thing you must do is add a bass-line. Hip Hop often sounds best with a low, thick bass-line, but feel free to get creative, and follow your own musical instincts. The bass-line should be simple, and something that can be repeated throughout the song.

The next thing you want to add is instrumentation, and orchestration. Some popular elements from this step will include strings and synthesizers. There are so many good sound options available. You can try to set a mood for your song in order to choose the right instruments in your piece, (i.e. cold night, jazz club, step competition etc.).

The next step is to add some dubs, and punches. These are samples from other forms of music. Many of the most successful Hip Hop artists in the business use samples to create a large part, of a few of their most successful beats. Take Jay-Z for example with "Hard Knock Life."

Samples are a great tool. Just make sure that you have the legal right to use whatever sample you choose. There are a lot of artists located all over the internet that are willing to sell you the rights to sample their music in your piece, for a fee, and in order to receive credit and exposure. If you use samples without permission though, you will be sued.

These are the simple parts in a basic Hip Hop beat. This will form the basis of your song, so all you have to do is repeat it over, and over again, and rap your best lyrics over it. When adding lyrics, you can expand the impact of your voice with delay, compression and reverb effects.

Mark is a avid DJ who loves to mix and make tracks with various music loop Sample Packs and reason refills. Mark works for dancemidisamples in the UK who sell various hip hop DJ MIDI Sample packs. Click for more information, here.

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