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The Two Paths to Licensing Your Music
by Aaron Davison

There are essentially two different paths you can take to get your music licensed. In today's newsletter I will discuss both paths as well as their pros and cons. I've touched upon this topic in previous articles but today I'll take a slightly different slant.

1) Getting Your Music Placed In Libraries Or With Publishers - There are an abundance of libraries and publishers who will help you get your music in tv and films by shopping your music on your behalf. Some are exclusive and some are non exclusive. Some will keep all of your publishing and others just a percentage. There are large companies such as Pump Audio and others that are much smaller and boutique.

I suggest that you pursue as many different non exclusive libraries as you can. The more seeds you can plant the better. With respect to non exclusive libraries/publishers, as I've stated before, you really have to evaluate these opportunities on a case by case basis. If a publisher has a great track record of placing lots of music then it might make sense to place a few of your songs with them. I have placed a number of songs this way personally.

2) Be Your Own Publisher - A more time consuming, yet potentially more lucrative approach, is to be your own publisher. This path involves going directly to supervisors, television producers, etc and pitching your music yourself. This approach is more time consuming as it requires researching what projects supervisors are working on, but it's more lucrative in that you keep both the writer's and publisher's royalty if you place your music this way. If you are an ASCAP member make sure you form a publisher's company as well so that you can list yourself as the publisher when you register your titles. If you're a BMI member you still have to list yourself as both the publisher and writer, but you're not required to create a separate publishing company.

Want more free information and resources for licensing your music in TV and Films? Be sure to visit my site, for more.

Aaron Davison is a Berklee College Of Music Alumnus who has been working in the music business for over ten years. His songs have been heard on a variety of television shows and he has performed live throughout the world. Visit Aaron's website,, for more information on getting your songs placed in TV and Film.

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