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What Does Today's Music Show About Us As a Society? by John R Edwards

Many of you might not have thought about this question, or even about this topic. But the fact is that the type of music that is present in today's times defines us as a society. The situation is the same if we take into consideration the clothing, hair styles and other aspects of visual identification of the individuals.

But what I am talking about, is actually something which is more important - especially since music is based upon rhythm, and as you might be aware, everything in our world is also based upon rhythm. As an example, the heart beats at a certain rhythm, the cells transduct signals at a certain rhythm etc.

Anyways, if we take a look about the popularity of different song types in today's world and we compare it to the music from all the way from the 18th century, until today - we can see that there is a very big difference. Why is this so? And furthermore, what kind of value does today's music have?

You may or may not agree with what I say, but the fact is, that music from the 18th century is still present in today's times - and the most popular hits from the late 90's and early 2000's has long been forgotten. This must mean one thing - that today's music is mostly based upon what the distribution companies feel is worthy being published - thus it is based upon money.

I hope that this article has in some way helped you to witness the negative things, and the positive things as well, in regards to what development our society as a whole has chosen in the topic of music.

The only thing that I can urge you to do is to start thinking about what you can do to change this. Thus, what you can do to make this world a slight better place for all of us. Because, as I mentioned, music, thus rhythm, is the basis of everything.

John R. Edwards is a photographer. He has been one for 15 years and is known for pictures of Swedish wildlife. You can find out more about camera lens filters and about canon macro lenses since he has been using them extensively.

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