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How To Launch A Singing Career
by Chris Chew
You have taken singing lessons and were told by your friends that you are a great singer. You know deep down inside you that you are a singing talent yet to be discovered.

Now that you are well and ready, having developed your own unique singing style, you want to launch your singing career. You realistically realized that without any previous professional singing experience it is difficult for your singing career to have a breakthrough.

Singing agents, recording labels, club owners and employer of singers will naturally be cautious before they hire you because they have never heard of you before and what if you fumble on your first professional performance? That will be an embarrassment for them and may even cost them money.

Instead of being a singing talent, they are afraid that you will become a singing terror! Even if they recognize your singing talent and employ you, your professional singer's fee will be low because you are an unknown.

So how do you make a name for yourself as a singing talent so that you can launch your singing career successfully? One easy way is to take part in as many singing contests as you can.

Not only to take part, but to win many of them. By winning singing contests and competitions, you will win fans and singing talent scouts and employers will start noticing you. By virtue of these people approaching you for singing contracts to sign you up instead of the other way around, you are now a being recognized singer with great talent and can ask for higher professional fees because they will be competing with each other for your singing performances.

Naturally you have to be a great performer and good singer to win singing contests, so you must know your own strength and weaknesses. You must be able to convince the judges that you are worthy to win the singing competition. How do you do that? Just must be very well prepared.

I am sure you must have watched the TV singing competition show "American Idol". You must be laughing and rolling on the floor when you see American idol wannabes making a fool of themselves in the preliminary rounds. There were those who were tone deaf, those who have forgotten the song lyrics, those who were just disastrous singers and a pain to listen to and those who are so outrageous in their performance that they over perform ridiculously.

Now, you will notice that the contestants that make it through to the later rounds do not share the characteristics and antics mentioned above. Those who made it to the finals are class acts in themselves. Why? This is because they know where they are, understand their singing skills they have at their disposition and use them to their maximum potential and of course, they take singing lessons from the singing coaches.

In short, they were well prepared for the singing contest. So you should learn from the mistakes of those contestants that did not make it and learn the good habits from those that made it to the finals.

Armed with these skills, then go and join any singing contests you can find and yes, when you are ready, only when you are ready, then join the American Idol singing contest. Who knows, you may be the next American idol and achieve worldwide singing super star status. Wouldn't that be a fantastic way to launch your singing career?

About the Author

Chris Chew is a jazz pianist. More articles at Sing like a pro and Sing Karaoke

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