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What Waiting For A Bus Can Teach You About Guitar Playing by Peter Edvinsson
Is it possible to learn to play guitar as you wait for a bus? Well, sort of! Let's see what you can learn about the art of guitar playing as you are standing there freezing!

Well, you are a guitarist and you are waiting for a bus. Good luck!

One thing we can agree upon anyway is that you are going somewhere. I guess that it is important for you to come to this place otherwise you wouldn't be standing here freezing.

I mean, the main reason for you standing here is not because you like the bus stop so much. There must be much nicer places to stand freezing.

Let's think a bit about your guitar playing. If you want to learn to play something on your guitar I guess you feel that it is worth working for. It's like the trouble waiting for the bus. If you really want to go to a place you can take the work coming to this place.

This wish to go somewhere could be called your motivation. In both cases, guitar playing and traveling, it will determine how much energy you can put into the project and it will also determine what type of goals you can set.

At this point you know where you want to go and why. The same with traveling and guitar playing.

Now you can go to a suitable bus stop as you are prepared to choose the bus that will take you to your destination. In guitar playing this means that you now are prepared to choose the exercises that will lead you to your playing goal.

This step is important because a clear picture of what you want to be able to play on your guitar will help you a lot to be sufficiently motivated and also to take the right roads to your goal.

Well, we are back at the bus stop! There is one more thing. There are many buses going to this destination. Every day, every week, month, year. Yes, you guessed it! You have to decide when you want to arrive at your destination.

To set a date when you will have accomplished your guitar playing goal will motivate you a lot and help you to divide your goal into smaller chunks that will lead to your destination at the right time.

To sum up what we have discussed about guitar playing so far we can say that when you know what you want to accomplish and when it will be accomplished it is much easier to select a proper method to use to reach your goals.

What about buying tickets? In guitar playing goals this is when you make a commitment to accomplish your goal. Either you do this commitment to yourself or even better also to other people. Through a commitment you gain momentum to accomplish the guitar playing goal.

This is why a good guitar teacher is an effective means to become a better player.

With a good guitar teacher, it is two of you knowing what you will accomplish as your homework and also two of you will be present when you report, that is play, your homework.

You will get the proper amount of homework and at the right level and maybe even more important, you will also report at a date you have mutually agreed upon. Having a good guitar teacher is this bus story in a nutshell.

After having bought your bus ticket and entered the bus you can find a seat and then relax and maybe enjoy the trip. You put this into practice in your guitar playing goals by feeling a confidence as you have decided what to do, when and how. You can relax with the confidence that you are on a road leading to a goal that you want to reach.

About the Author

Peter Edvinsson invites you to download your free sheet music, guitar tabs, ebooks, guitar lessons and read his music blog at Capotasto Music.

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