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Learn To Play Guitar Online:
The Pros and Cons of Online Lessons
So you want to learn to play guitar, and doing so online would be pretty convenient, right? But, you're worried that it will be tough to sift through the bad lessons and the people just trying to scam you out of $100's of dollars. While the Internet has made many things easier, making choices can be more difficult when there are thousands. If you want to learn to play guitar online, you'll need to have a good understanding of the differences between online and off line lessons, what your ultimate goals are with guitar, and finally what style of lessons will be best for you.

First and foremost, decide what level you want to be at, and how quickly. By taking guitar lessons off line and in person, you will have to play at your instructor's pace, and they will give you guidance based on their personal style and experience. They will start you off with simple exercises, depending on your current level. (This in-person experience is helpful for some, but the pressure has a negative effect on other's learning.) They will gradually help you improve your skills, and it typically takes weeks or even months to be able to play some songs without too much effort. Most instructors will charge about $20 - $25 per hour, so after taking lessons twice per week for a month, you're talking about $160 - $200...every month!

If you are looking to randomly play in your room, for friends and family, etc. then paying this much for private lessons can be unnecessary. However, if you plan on specializing in a certain area of guitar such as blues, classical or jazz, and would like to play in a band for school or with your friends, this option can be a good fit for you, provided you have the money to do so.

The other alternative is to learn to play guitar online. The Internet has literally thousands of choices for guitar lessons, so you want to figure out what learning methods are best for you. Some packages are simply eBooks (pdf guides) that explain theory of guitar. Others use audio tracks to help guide you through the process while you play along with exercises, much like private lessons. Some options even include videos to show you what they're doing and let you hear how it should sound. Lastly, there are a few software games to help you learn to play guitar online as well. All of these options are fabulous in their own right, but a combination of learning styles is vital, no matter what level you want to achieve.

As long as you purchase a package that has as many of these learning techniques as possible, learning to play guitar online has one major advantage over off line lessons: you can use them over and over, until you're comfortable. Unlike private lessons, there will be no pressure to finish exercises within the hour, there will be no limits to your learning and having to try things on your own, only to find out when you come back for the next lesson that you were doing it the wrong way.

If you decide to learn to play guitar online, you will pay less money, and be able to fine-tune your skills by focusing on the exact exercises you want, and be able to practice them as much as you like, with no pressure, from the comfort of your own home.

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