Rush-Spirit of Radio-Greatest Hits 74-87
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Released: 2003 Mercury

These guys put the power into the phrase "Power Trio." This compilation CD takes 16 tracks from their greatest albums and best years. Digitally remastered and put in order of release, which actually works very well. This CD has everything you hear on classic rock radio, songs like: "Tom Sawyer", "Spirit of Radio", "Closer to the Heart", "Limelight", "Subdivisions", "Big Money", "Fly by Night" and more. There is no better Rush compilation, so the only thing I could recommend after the purchase of this CD would be the original albums from which the material came. With each of those albums being brilliant in their own right. The best of those albums are as follows: Moving Pictures (1981), Permanent Waves (1980), Hemispheres (1978) and if you'd like to purchase a live Rush CD, I'd strongly recommend Exit Stage Left (1981). Although, I don't think you could go wrong with the purchase of any Rush CD, since they are one of the best bands in classic rock.

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