Rainbow-The Very Best of Rainbow
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Released: 1997 Polygram

Ritchie Blackmore's career was far from over when Deep Purple disbanded. When he put out the first Rainbow CD, that fact was very well established. However, as with Deep Purple, Rainbow faced many personnel changes. It starts to make one wonder if a certain guitar player by the name of Ritchie Blackmore has difficulty in getting along with others. But regardless, he put out some great stuff in his time. I prefer the earlier stuff with Ronnie James Dio on vocals. I mean no offense to the other singers but the later stuff was too commercial. There is a good mix from all of the years of Rainbow and it is a fine selection, overall. This CD contains: "Man on the Silver Mountain", "Long Live Rock and Roll", "Gates of Babylon", "Since You Been Gone", "Street of Dreams", "Stone Cold", "Catch the Rainbow" and more. Ritchie Blackmore is one of classic rock's great guitarists and this CD explains why.

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