Ynwie Malmsteen-Rising Force
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Released: 1984 Polydor

Yngwie (Pronounced Ing-vay) Malmsteen is the guy that brought ridiculously fast arpeggios into mainstream Rock and Roll. He is obviously influenced by Ritchie Blackmore and Classical music. This is his first solo album and it reminds me somewhat of Mike Oldfeld's Tubular Bells album in the way it flows from one section to the next. It's mostly instrumental and features some phenomenal guitar pyrotechnics. The album begins with a song called "Black Star", which is one hell of a way to begin an album. There is not one miss on this album, every song is a bulls-eye. After this album I'd recommend Marching Out  (1985) which features some great vocalization by Jeff Scott Soto. Each album that followed became more and more pop-obsessed and lacked the complexities of the earlier albums. Any person who calls himself a guitarist absolutely must, without hesitation, buy this CD.

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