Jimi Hendrix-Smash Hits
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Released: 1969 Reprise

Cool Deal, what else can I say? This Album has everything you always wanted to know about Hendrix but was afraid to ask. It's got the best version of "All along the watchtower" ever made. No offense to Dave Mathews but Jimi did this song some serious justice. He took that Dylan song and made it his own. But let us not forget his own songs like "Purple Haze", "Manic Depression" and the unforgettable "Foxey Lady". Then we have the ever-so-hot "Fire" and the beautiful "Wind Cries Mary".  Jimi took a fuzz box and crybaby Wah and forged a sound all his own. There was only one Jimi Hendrix but millions of Jimi Hendrix wannabes. Most of them white teenage boys. This Seattle-born ex-paratrooper managed to cross racial barriers as a guitar hero, in a time when it was almost impossible to do so. Only a small handful of black guitarists preceded him in that accomplishment. A guitar hero with humility and who was actually shy when off stage. He even sang with the lights off in the studio because of his shyness. Considering that we live in an age of hams and attention mongers, this would be considered a rarity. As far as other Hendrix albums worthy of purchasing, I'd have to say at a minimum, every studio album he ever put out. But most importantly: Are You Experienced? (1967), Axis Bold as Love (1968) and Electric Ladyland (1968).

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