Peter Frampton-Frampton Comes Alive
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Released: 1976 A&M

This is where everything came together for Peter Frampton. This album spent ten weeks at Number One and was the result of four years of touring. Frampton Comes Alive  is still the best-selling live album ever, which is amazing since every album before it sold poorly. But through the years, as an opening act, Peter Frampton developed a reputation for being a great crowd-pleasing act. Word of mouth made this album the hit it was. The key songs on this album are: "Do You Feel Like We Do", "Show Me the Way" and "Baby I Love Your Way". Unfortunately, Frampton was never able to release another album that recaptured the greatness that made the Frampton Comes Alive album such a hit. However, Peter Frampton still, to this day, remains an excellent live performer.

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