Foreigner-Double Vision
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Released: 1978 Atlantic

Lou Gramm is one of the great vocalists from the '70s and this album is verification of that fact. Mick Jones is also a great songwriter and guitarist. Together, they are hard to beat. Foreigner sold a lot of albums and concert tickets throughout the years and their songs have stood the test of time. I have a personal preference towards their earlier works though. Double vision is their second album and my first choice. It's the next thing to a greatest hits collection.  The album fielded three hit tunes, "Double Vision", "Hot Blooded" and "Blue Morning, Blue Day". All great tunes but not the only great tunes on the CD. Every song on the album is great and the current reissue is digitally remastered and contains bonus live tracks. The next CD I'd buy from them would be the first album, Foreigner (1977), which contains the hit songs "Cold as Ice" and "Feels Like the First Time". After that I'd buy Head Games which features the songs "Head Games" and "Dirty White Boy". By the time the band got to it's fourth album, Foreigner 4 (1981), they started to become more pop-oriented. Still great music but not as hard-driven as the first three albums. The compilation, Foreigner Records (1982), takes the biggest hits of the first four albums and is only worth buying if you don't intend to buy all of the first four albums. I personally would only recommend the purchase of that CD for someone who is afraid to take the risk of purchasing the original albums from which the songs came.

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