E.L.O.-Greatest Hits
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Released: 1979 Jet/Epic

Just in case you didn't know, Jeff Lynne is E.L.O. Make no mistake. Singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer, this guy wore a lot of hats. He wrote all of the lyrics and music, and produced every song on this CD. His work demonstrates an obvious influence by the Beatles and he later went on to produce some of the Beatles solo recordings. He was even a Traveling Wilbury with George Harrison. Just about all of the classic tunes that we've come to know from the constant airplay on classic rock radio stations are on this album: "Strange Magic", "Evil Woman", "Telephone Line", "Living Thing" and "Can't Get it Out of My Head". This is a must-own for anyone wanting to hear what one man can be capable of. That should provide some inspiration for any aspiring musician.

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