Dio-The Very Beast of Dio
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Released: 2000 Warner Brothers

A former Rainbow and Black Sabbath Vocalist who went solo to start his own band, Ronnie James Dio is one of rock's most powerful singers. Man, can this guy belt out a song! This album compiles works from his first album Holy Diver (1983) to the Strange Highways album (1994). Most of the songs on this CD come from his first three albums, so it's not much of a stretch to say that his earlier albums were his best. However, the songs chosen from his later albums were good choices that make this compilation well worth purchasing for someone who wants to really get a good sample of his work. This CD contains his popular classics such as: "Holy Diver", "Rainbow in the Dark", "Mystery" and "Last in Line". Plus three great songs from his third album, Sacred Heart-The title track, "Hungry for Heaven" and "Rock and Roll Children". Then we have the less familiar but worthy tunes from his later albums like: "Dream Evil", "Lock up the Wolves" and "Strange Highways". After the purchase of this CD, I would recommend Holy Diver (1983), The Last In Line (1984) and Sacred Heart (1985).

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