Deep Purple-Perfect Strangers
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Released: 1984 Mercury

There were many incarnations of Deep Purple due to numerous personnel changes throughout the years. This is the album where the most popular lineup from Deep Purple got back together to record another album. It was the same lineup as the 1972 album Machine Head. It's a tossup as to which of the two is the better album. Machine Head had "Highway Star" and Perfect Strangers had "Knocking at Your Back Door". Machine Head had "Smoke on the Water" but Perfect Stranger's title track was great too! Oh what to do! I know, Buy both, because that's what I did. The real tiebreaker was the fact that after deep Purple broke up, Ritchie Blackmore became a better guitar player. So when they reunited, he had some chops he didn't have before that. I would also recommend Deepest Purple (1980) for someone who just wants a sample of Purple before they'd go and buy a non-compilation CD. 

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