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Released: 1976 Epic

The layered and ultra-melodic guitar work is what really made Boston stand out from your average top 40 band. The guitar work in question was that of Tom Scholz, a Boston based guitarist and MIT-trained engineer. However, Brad Delp's vocal work was the perfect compliment to Tom's compositional and guitar playing talents. The first Boston album is without a doubt their best. Or should I say his best? Let's face it, Tom Scholz is 80% of everything that is Boston. Brad Delp's vocals makes up the other 20%. Foreplay is just phenomenal and Smokin' is, well, smoking. But we can't forget the radio favorites like "More than a feeling" and "Rock and Roll Band". If you don't have a Boston CD, this is definitely the one to purchase. Unfortunately, each album following this one was increasingly pop-oriented. But given the brilliance of the first album, they are still very much worth purchasing as well. In order of brilliance, I'd have to say they are as follows: Boston (1976), Don't look Back (1978), and then Third Stage (1987). The Don't look Back album obviously contains the song "Don't Look Back" and the Third Stage album includes the hit song "Amanda". Each of the three aforementioned albums are well worth buying. 

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