Beatles-Magical Mystery Tour-1967
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Released: 1967 Capitol

Choosing just one album from the greatest band in Rock history is a very difficult task. Yet we are bold (or Stupid) enough to try. We chose the Magical Mystery Tour album. For starters, the Beatles didn't hit their peak of compositional ability until 1967 with the release of the Sergeant Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour albums. Let's just say that 1967 was a great year for the Beatles, creatively. Although Sergeant Pepper was the bigger seller, all of the more popular hit singles the Beatles had that year were basically from the Magical Mystery Tour album. Magical Mystery Tour opens with the title track and then goes to a spacey "Blue Jay Way." Other great tunes like "The Fool on the Hill", "I Am the Walrus", "Penny Lane", Strawberry Fields Forever" and "All You Need is Love" are the radio favorites we quite often hear on classic rock radio stations every day. But occasionally, the alignment of the planets is just right enough for the radio stations to grace us with the playing of the more obscure but excellent tunes like "Your Mother Should Know" and "Baby You're a Rich Man." Your life would be richer with the purchase of this album. Other great albums include: "The Beatles (A.K.A. The White Album, 1968), "Revolver" (1966) and "Abbey Road" (1969). There are also two compilation albums worth buying should you decide that you would prefer the greatest hits type of route. They are: The Beatles 1962-1966 and The Beatles 1967-1970, both released by Capitol Records in 1973. Of those two, I would prefer the latter.

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