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Released: 1976 Columbia

Aerosmith truly does rock, and this album proves it!  Two of the songs, "Back in the Saddle" and "Last child", are on the greatest hits package. But there are two great tracks that didn't make it to the greatest hits album that I believe are just as good, if not better. "Nobody's Fault" and "Sick as a Dog." The album kicks off with "Back In the Saddle" and what a great tune to start an album with. The album ends with an excellent piano ballad called "Home Tonight" which is what the newer songs like "Angel" and "What it Takes" are somewhat reminiscent of. A close second would be "Aerosmith's  Greatest Hits" (1980),  Just for the song "Dream On" alone. Oh, by the way, "Dream On" itself didn't become a hit until the success of the "Rocks" album. A non-compilation second would be the "Toys in the Attic" album (1975).

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